Special Notices and Upcoming meetings:

WJR Family first annual Christmas Dinner December 24, 2017 12:00 noon to 3:00 PM. Flier

Leaf Pickup is ongoing. Please place leaves at edge of property keeping them out of streets.

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The Village of Akron is currently seeking a person to fulfill the Zoning Administrator's Position.  This is an on-call position.  You will be responsible for researching and writing Building/Zoning Permits and reporting to the Akron Village Council.  For more information please contact Jim Dickinson at 989-439-2619 or at jdickinson48701@gmail.com

Change has been made in Water/Sewer due dates and late fee dates. There is also a change in the shut off procedures. These items are listed under the Documentation menu as "Water/Sewer Billing and Service" and are linked here. Please review these items.

The Village of Akron

Akron was setltled by Charles H. Beach in 1854. It was originally known as Beach's Corners. It was renamed Akron at the time a post office was established in 1857. The village is located on the boundary between Akron Township on the north and Fairgrove Township on the south, with the village area approximately evenly split between the two. The Akron post office, with ZIP code 48701, also serves the southern and western portions of Akron Township, as well as portions of northern Fairgrove Township, most of eastern Wisner Township, and smaller portions of western Columbia Township and Almer Township.