Village of Akron Trustee Meridith Latimer

Telephone 989.691.5540

After high school. Meridith Latimer worked on Mackinac Island for seven years. She then moved to the greater metro Detroit area to attend Macomb Community College. At that time she started working for PetS mart, a 10 year career. Hired in as a cashier, she continued to be promoted, and eventually became the assistant manager. Even though life was going well. and the city had much to offer, Meridith missed the community she grew up in. So for the last four years that she worked with PetSmart, she commuted from Akron. She is now working locally for DaVita Dialysis as an assistant manager. Meridith has returned to Macomb to complete a business degree in health care administration.

Meridith continues to enjoy living in Akron. When she lived down state she did not understand the way people did not want to know their neighbors. She finds comfort in knowing that even if she does not know someone personally, they probably know of her, or someone in her family. She loved the way she was raised, with both of her grandparents, and parents having farms and livestock She hopes Akron will continue to work together to enhance our community.